2024 information as follows:

£12 for a special offer 3-week trial period booked via the below booking system.

£28 per month for membership after your trial period. 42 classes planned across the full calender year . (January to December 2024)

First payment as a member may include a covering charge to cover sessions attended between end of trial period and 1st system charging point and/or to align you with payment schedule of regular members which is £28 per month.

Regular members are charged £28 per month on the 1st of the month.

Soccerstarts run classes 42 weeks of the year which means they are not in line with school terms. Our classes run dependent on coach availability, venue availability and any coach education commitments.

However, some of the weekends we do not run classes in the year may fall in line with some school holiday dates as I have 2 school aged children. We on occasion may also use a different indoor or outdoor local venue if our regular venue is unavailable for reasons outwith our control.


For up-to-date information on our timetables and to join waiting lists or classes directly (dependent on availability)

For further information on areas such as our payment system/ membership, if we run classes all year, cancelling membership and any other popular questions view:
on the home page you will find a Frequently asked questions icon where you will find any other information you will require not under the menu drop boxes.