Soccerstarts and Brazilian Futebol Academy Prices

Prices for classes (Weekend sessions):
First 4 weeks for £24 only.

£23 every month after first 4 weeks. (Subscription worked out at £23 per month as we aim to run 46 weeks across January- December) 46 sessions x £6 per class/ 12 months = £23 per month.
Subscription fee as above charged on 1st of month every month.

If you join mid- month with your 4 week trial a covering price will be added to your first subscription fee as a fully fledged member to cover any sessions delivered not covered by the 4 week trial advance payment. (if applicable) Payments for membership always charged on 1st of month.

Midweek sessions may be provided in conjunction with another organisation ie South Morningside Primary, Edinburgh United and maybe school term only so contact me directly for up to date info on prices, terms etc at the midweek sessions I provide. Sessions midweek are also likely to be term time. Our weekend classes are all year round.

Weekend Session further information.
Children can be registered for the 4 week trial when they start with Soccerstarts Football Academy. If you decide during this 4 weeks period you want to continue past this period then all you need to do is register to pay via our rolling payment system by registering by clicking on the Book Now icon on If your child is no longer able to attend classes for whatever reason don’t worry all you need do is email Soccerstarts Football Academy so we can offer your child’s space to another little footballer.

Soccerstarts aim to run our weekend sessions 46 weeks of the year where demand/venue and coach availability allows.

We have a special siblings discount when you book 2 children or more contact [email protected] for more info on this.

Soccerstarts/ Brazilian Futebol Academy Coach for Hire
Email [email protected] for more details or text 07544221045.