Soccerstarts Prices

Prices for classes (Weekend sessions):
£6.25 per class our pricing works out at when being charged for a block of sessions. At present a 2 month block at a time which is invoiced for via the class for kids system in advance of the first week of the new register. (May 2021 onwards)

We offer a trial period of generally 4 weeks for £25 for kids and parents new to Soccerstarts and after that point you can decide if you wish to sign your child up as a regular member. (if you sign up for a trial period at end of a register then it may be less than 4 weeks and priced accordingly if only for example 2 weeks left on that register)

After the 4 week trial period your next charge/invoice period will align you with the regular members charging cycle.

At present we are charging regular members as mentioned above via class for kids invoice system and for a 2 month block of classes in advance.

An example register/ block of classes would be July/ August 2021 and pricing is £56.25 for that 9 week period.

Once parents sign their child up as regulars to the Soccerstarts booking system children are automatically enrolled for future registers unless notice is given that your Childs space is not required for future registers by emailing [email protected]

The above process ensures your child always has a space on our registers as a regular member until you decide otherwise and inform us as above.

Prior to Covid-19 when the world was a bit more predictable we ran a subscription system which charged parents the same amount on 1st of the month every month.

(Subscription worked out pre March 2020 at £23 per month 46 weeks across January- December) 46 sessions x £6 per class/ 12 months = £23 per month.
If you joined mid month a charge was added to next monthly charging period.
We may return to a similar system in the future but for now when the world is not very predictable due to covid-19 we will be using the class for kids invoice system as explained above.

Midweek sessions may be provided in conjunction with another organisation ie South Morningside Primary, Edinburgh United and maybe school term only so contact me directly for up to date info on prices, terms etc at the midweek sessions I provide. Sessions midweek are also likely to be term time. Our weekend classes are all year round.

Soccerstarts/ Brazilian Futebol Academy Coach for Hire
Email [email protected] for more details or text 07544221045.