About Soccerstarts

What is Soccerstarts?
Soccerstarts is a football coaching programme split into various age groups covering toddlers, pre school kids and young primary age children.

Soccerstarts Walking- 3 years.
Session duration: 35 minutes

The first Soccerstarts stages encourage parents to 100% fully participate alongside their child which has massive benefits for your child’s skill development as well as for your relationship with your child as these classes are encouraging play and an active lifestyle as well as coaching your child basics of football. These classes use various pieces of equipment and small footballs to help engage your child in the session. The sessions aims are to introduce your child to football related activity and start working on loads of fun practise on football related skills. As well as improving co-ordination, footballing and social skills these sessions will help your child’s number’s and language skills as they will be talking to their parent throughout the session and after the session about activities they are partaking in. These sessions will also help improve your child’s confidence being in an environment with other children.

Children who are socially ready to move up to stage 2 will be encouraged to move up at approximately 3 years old but as children develop socially and enjoy play differently the top end of the stage 2 classes are open ended age wise to suit your child.

3 years- 5 years
(mixture of parent participation activities and activities children encouraged to take part on their own)

Session duration 40 minutes
These classes still involve some parent participation. Parents will take part fully with their child for roughly 50% of the class and at other points parents will watch their children proudly from the side lines while children encouraged to take part on their own. Parents will partner with their child during more advanced activities. Parents still an important part of the class and are expected to stay as children will be taking part with them at points during the sessions as well as taking part independently.

These classes start to develop your child’s social skills in a different manner as they are taking part in these football classes at points on their own and some of the content is more advanced as children are now that little bit older and have developed further.

Children may be ready to move into non parent participation classes from 4 years old. However others may prefer to still have fun with their parents at this age so we cater for both style of classes for children aged 4.

Age groups for children at present with no parent participation at present at
4-6 years and
6 years to 8.5 years.

These age groups are non-parent participation and parents are free to watch classes or take a well-deserved break.

The above age groups may vary in length dependent on venue availability and other factors but they will be 40 minutes to 1 hour in length.

Sessions are less play related than the Pre School age classes and more in the format of a traditional football session however the session will still involve use of non traditional ball sizes to enhance co-ordination and decision making and problem solving abilities.

Sessions will be set up to encourage loads of touches of the ball for every child in the class as practise makes a skill permanent.

Classes will be structured and fun and repetition of skills an important part of classes but loads of different activities will be used to encourage use of all parts of both feet for control, passing, dribbling and shooting. Ball Mastery and moves to beat players also introduced from 4 years classes onwards.

Our activities will be used to encourage development of skill, confidence, movement and football ability and creative thought. Soccerstarts sessions  will use a mix of SFA, Brazilian Soccer School, Socatots and Coerver coach education during these classes also also pulling for head coach Bryan Robertson’s experience as well as any coaching research Bryan has conducted that fits with the Soccerstarts ethos.

As children move from early primary school years Sessions will start to become more advanced with the introduction of more moves to beat players and ball mastery as an increased theme during sessions and more challenging activities.

All Soccerstarts sessions aim to give children the ability to improve football skills and give all children much needed skills development time whether they are new to football or a naturally gifted player who already plays with school or club team. All players need to practise no matter what skill level or age they are so contact Soccerstarts today for more details on call – 07544221045 and email [email protected]