New Classes and Midweek classes

Soccerstarts Football Academy
See up to date class time table at the below provided link

We have added a new games based class for our 7-10 years age group intended to be attended alongside our 7-10 years football skills training class for football mad kids who presently attend our 150pm class.

This games based session will include activities such as:
⁃ street football style games
⁃ Small sided indoor football games
⁃ Futebol de Salao games ( reason Brazil are historically so good at football) ⁃ Football game scenario training type activities to support in-game problem solving.
⁃ Various game sizes from 1 v 1 to 6 v 6
⁃ Games with goalkeepers games with no goalkeepers.
⁃ Games with goals , Games with no goals ….
⁃ Games with focus on passing, dribbling, shooting etc
⁃ Problem solving games ie 3 v 2 / 1 v 2 etc
⁃ Use of size 1 Futsal/ size 2 Futebol De Salao ball to aid skills development Purpose of games based session
⁃ improve ball mastery and technique and decison making via game play. ⁃ Provide a fun football like environment where children get loads of touches of the ball within the session and constantly involved in the games and activities.
⁃ Improve childrens confidence in their football abilities whether an advanced player or a player new to football.
⁃ Loads of touches of hall
⁃ Exposure to loads of game like situations
Aim of session:
⁃ Use of indoor surface to develop technique on a faster less forgiving surface which should make things easier when playing football on grass. ⁃ Use games with various pitch sizes, number of players, different sizes of goals to develop decison making and confidence on and off the ball in a match situation.

In future the above games based class may be offered as a stand alone class too for kids who want more games time rather than training and games.

For more info please drop me an email on [email protected] or view

In future we may add new venues and sessions

Looking for something for your Under 5 to do midweek?
Midweek morning Soccerstarts Football Academy classes for toddlers and nursery age kids.
Keen to roll out Soccerstarts Football Academy classes for children not at school yet in near future on Midweek mornings/ early afternoons.
If your a parent of a toddler or 3-5 year old and would be interested let me know by contacting [email protected] with :
– childs age / date of birth.
– days/ times you would be interesting in attending a future midweek Soccerstarts class.
– Area in Edinburgh/ East Lothian you live and how far you would be willing to travel.

Classes are presently at indoor venues at the weekend to ensure we can safeguard against Scottish weather and provide sessions for 44 weeks of the year.

Our preference is to provide sessions indoors due to the erratic nature of Scottish weather at any time of the year (strong winds/ heavy rain any month and day of the year and even snow in April lol ) and also to protect children when from the direct sun when its hot as children find it hard to regulate their temperature at a young age and can easily be burnt and distracted. (we did notice children didn’t always enjoy the sun at its hottest and brightest on our sunniest days during the period of enforced outdoor sessions due to covid regulations).

Of course we already know most children and adults dont enjoy sessions as much in heavy consistent rain or strong consistent Gail force winds.(however some children do seem to love taking part in sessions in the rain if its a novelty).

We ran sessions outdoors during lockdown and may consider outdoors or indoor sessions or school term only classes midweek as options for our future offer and to increase the amount of children and children who can access our sessions.

Soccerstarts Football Academy runs weekend classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings/Sunday afternoons in Edinburgh and Musselburgh in our indoor venues. Please find out class listing link below.

Soccerstarts Football Academy can also run midweek classes for local primary schools, local parent groups, nurseries and local football clubs for primary age and under 5 children as well as one to one coaching and birthday parties.

For more information on Soccerstarts Football Academy and Head coach Bryan Robertson, normal class prices, how to register etc please view and for more details or to book a space now email [email protected] or text 07544221045.