Soccerstarts Nursery club’s

Soccerstarts run specially tailored classes that can be run in conjunction with nurseries. Age groups for these classes are 3-5 years and classes are suitable for both boys and girls.

These classes help encourage children to get active at a young age and also help improve football skills, co-ordination and the ability to interact with others within a football related play environment.

In these classes the nursery collegues work in tandem with the Soccerstarts lead coach to support us provide a fantastic football themed experience for the children of their nursery.

As part of the service Soccerstarts can provide all administration/class organisation, payment collection from parents for the classes, letters or emailshots to be send/ given to children to help the classes start with a bang at your nursery, outside area or local community hall etc.

All we ask if that the nursery team who bring the children to the classes are prepared to have fun and support the children participate fully within these fantastic sessions and provide the venue/ suitable area for the sessions to run from.

Soccerstarts can also provide these sessions for a fee per class charged to the nursery if you want to provide this to children who attend as part of your daily/ weekly charge for children to attend the nursery.

For more information on how your nursery can get involved in these great classes contact Soccerstarts on [email protected].