Primary School workshops

I am currently developing some fun and engaging workshops that will encourage pupils to develop their literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing. Soccerstarts is committed to developing the ‘whole child’ and can make a number of links across pupils learning to provide real and contextualised learning experiences and bring the curriculum to life.

Workshops can also be developed to help ensure that schools meet their physical education commitment or as part of an ongoing interdisciplinary project complimenting what teachers may be focussing on within class. The aim of these workshops would be to deliver relevant learning experiences that can be built into the school curriculum and can support the classroom teacher with any learning objectives or projects they are focussing on within class.

There is an incredible opportunity here to develop learning experiences that can enable pupils to engage in fun and engaging physical activity as well as focussing on the importance of nutrition, social skills, literacy, numeracy and technology to allow pupils to make connections across their learning both within and out with the classroom.

Workshops can be delivered as a ‘one day’ experience where pupils may be participating in all aspects of the workshop throughout a single school day or as part of an 8-week programme where sessions will focus on different themes each week.

The website will be updated with examples of the workshops that could be delivered ASAP.

For further information, contact Bryan on [email protected].[email protected].