QDo you run midweek classes?


At present, I don’t run midweek classes for Under 5s but this may be something I introduce in the future see https://www.soccerstartsfootballacademy.co.uk/new-classes/ for up to date class information on new classes.

For children of primary school age, I run midweek sessions in conjunction with other organisations which there is some information on the following page as well as weekend sessions.

Any other questions feel free to drop me an email on b.robertson@soccerstarts.co.uk

QHow much are sessions?


Please find up to date information on prices on https://www.soccerstartsfootballacademy.co.uk/prices 

QHow do I start? Can I just turn up on day?


Complete the 4 for £10 form on the home page which will provide you information on how to pay for our introductory offer form has been received.  If after the initial period you would like to commit to fully join our club then please click on the regular block payments link on the home page and then you will be added to the register/payment system post the first 4 weeks. Classes have a limited number of spaces in each time slot so this is why registration for the 4-week deal or regular class registration is required before attendance.

Email me on b.robertson@soccerstarts.co.uk if you wish to join any of the midweek classes I run in conjunction with other organisations.

(Home page is www.soccerstartsfootballacademy.co.uk and the icons for booking are at the top right hand side of the page)

QOnce you decide to join what is process.


After you have your 4 weeks for £10 deal then you need to complete the regular block payments form on the home page and you are taken through the process once this is completed and added to our rolling payment system.

We run an “on-going rolling programme” for our lessons. We value your custom so it is only right that you do not lose your space because you simply forgot to rebook. Payment is charged on monthly basis with a minimium of 46 sessions guaranteed to be ran across the year in 2017 if this system was in place parents would have received 50 weeks for the price of 46 at all our venues.

If after your first 4 weeks you want to continue you click on the regular payments link and register your child on the register of your choice and set up monthly payment.

If you don’t want to continue and would like to “opt out” all you have to do is email and tell us of your decision, we shall email you back to acknowledge your decision and when your final payment runs out.

To avoid dispute please note that we can only accept any request to opt out in writing via email. If this is not received then you will be charged every month as normal until notice is given to remove your child from the register.

If the classes are midweek classes I may be running these sessions in line with school term or in partnership with another organisation. If that is the case prices, how you pay and who you pay may differ and will be explained when you complete a 4 for £10 form or if you send an email to b.robertson@soccerstarts.co.uk. All our weekend classes are on all year round payment system.

QDo parents take part in classes?


For the under 3s classes parents participate fully in the classes to support your children take part in the fun activities the coach is leading the group on.

For the 3 to 5 years classes children are encouraged to take part in some of the class on their own and for other parts of the classes they are encouraged to take part with their parent. Activities are designed to challenge the children when particpating with a parent to a more advanced level.

Children of primary age participate on their own but parents can stay and watch if they wish.

QDo you run classes for older children?


As an experienced coach of children from walking age to 18 years, I can provide classes for your group or organisation from walking to adult age email me on b.robertson@soccerstarts.co.uk if you can’t find what you are looking for on my website


Please find my present listing of classes for children of primary school age


QWhat venues and time slots do you cater for?


All information on primary age classes is on the page


All information on our classes for under 5s is on the page


QWhat is the best way to get in touch with Soccerstarts Football Academy?


Best way to contact Soccerstarts is via email, text or facebook message due to nature of the academy I am often unavailable to take a telephone call. However I am happy to chat over the phone if you have a more specific request. 99% of info will be available on website, facebook page or via above methods.

QCan I get a free taster?


A. Free tasters or one-off tasters are not available as children can take more than one week to settle into any type of new environment so I do not offer them. However, a highly discounted price is offered on your first 4 sessions which actually works out at more than 2 sessions for free (£10 v £24 normal price). See https://www.soccerstartsfootballacademy.co.uk/prices on our up to date present introductory offer for tasters. 

QCan you tell me more about what you do in classes?

QDo you cater for one to one sessions and birthday parties?

QCan you provide a coaching club based in my local primary school or nursery?


Hopefully, all the above information helps with any of your queries but if you have something more specific you want to ask me feel free to drop me an email on b.robertson@soccerstarts.co.uk contact me on facebook via the Soccerstarts Edinburgh Facebook page or text or call on 07544221045.