1 to 1 and Small group coaching

Benefits of 1 to 1 coaching and Small group coaching

1 to 1 coaching provides a setting for your child to support improvement of their football skills in an 1 to 1 manner with lead coach Bryan Robertson. During these sessions we will be working on areas such as ball mastery, dribbling, running with the ball, moves to beat players, changing direction, passing, shooting and control.

1 to 1 coaching works best as an extra on top of your Child’s present team practise and games so your child as well as working on their individual skills on a 1 to 1 basis with an experienced coach is also practising in a group and team environment and gaining the benefits of training in these settings as well.

The ultimate goal of any 1 to 1 training should be to help improve players confidence in group training and games, to support improvement of performance and to help players develop their skills.

Ultimately though players need to put in practise out with present training and games if they want to advance their present skill level or ability whether that is increasing practise in an informal way ie playing with friends, practising on their own or in a more formal way ie taking on extra team or group training or by starting 1 to 1 coaching or small group coaching with an experienced coach.

Small Group Coaching is also another way for your child to get a great learning experience and can be even more beneficial than one to one coaching. Small group coaching should also be used to supplement a Childs involvement in football already whether that’s training, matches or a combination of both.

Small group coaching can consist of 2-6 children/ players. Sessions can be designed to improve your child whether they are a beginner or an advanced player. Ball mastery, confidence and abilities to beat a player along with other football related skills should all develop by having this more personalised coaching along with a combination of regular individual practise by the player themselves , team training, game time and informal play/practise with friends which all support player development.

Bryan Robertson will provide all 1 to 1 and small group coaching sessions which are really well suited to his experience gained over 20 years and coach education gained with Brazilian Soccer Schools, Socatots and Coerver and Scottish Football Association.

1 to 1 and Small group sessions are best suited for football players from 7 years old and above. Bryan will also coach teenage and adult players on a 1 to 1 or small group basis.

By coaching in a small group basis, it does allow for more game related activities and work on attacking and defensive principles that a 1 to 1 session would allow.

An extra benefit of Small group sessions is that the cost of the session can be split amongst the participants rather than the one parent taking on full cost of coaching time.

Ball Mastery, Weak foot work, Speed, moves to beat players are just some of the subjects to name a few which Bryan will work on this your child or small group as well as attacking and defending principles and 1v1, 2 v 2, 3 v 3 etc situations (dependent on the size of group) as well as some of the areas covered in a 1 to 1 format.

Sessions will be 1 hour in length.

For more information on small group coaching please email [email protected].