Brazilian Skills

Soccerstarts Football Academy uses some of the concepts and experience Head coach Bryan Robertson learned as a regional co-ordinator with Brazilian Soccer Schools and Socatots and putting his own spin on some of these concepts he learned within the Soccerstarts Football Academy session plans. Bryan has always believed in football coaching with lots of skills practise from when he started as a 16 year old and this is apparent throughout any Soccerstarts/ Brazilian Futebol Academy session.

Soccerstarts and Brazilian Futebol Academy sessions feature the following:

– Movement activities with and without the ball that will improve your childs physical literacy and develop a love for movement and physical activity.

Footballers need to be able to move with and without the ball to enable their abilities to be shown within games of football and to be able to shine.

– Move’s to Beat Players/ Skills Development.
Bryan is passionate about improving young footballers abilities on the ball and within game situations and focuses on a lot of activities with a lot of contact with a football or Futebol De Salao ball.

Within a lot of Soccerstarts/ Brazilian Futebol Academy sessions players will be working on learning how to use all 6 parts of the foot (yes 6 parts), dribbling, getting past opponents with moves used by famous footballers of the past taught in easy to break down sessions. The older the group the more this is focused on.

Working on ball mastery, dribbling, running with the ball, passing, control, shooting all important areas of development too.

Soccerstarts/ Brazilian Futebol Academy sessions will provide age/ability specific game like situations in sessions to allow practise for these moves/ activities. These classes focus on technique development.

Brazilians train with the football during most of a training session and also train more than the average Scottish player even at childrens level. Soccerstarts/ Brazilian Futebol Academy sessions take this concept into all sessions by practising skills a lot and also encouraging players to have contact with a ball/ practise technique as much as possible within training plans and at sessions.

Futebol De Salao/ small sided Football
During training sessions with Soccerstarts/ Brazilian Futebol Academy teams are small and encouraged to play with a Futebol De Salao ball a lot of the time. Futebol De Salao is a form of 5 a side football that started in South America in the 1930s. It uses a small football which does not bounce and is heavier than the traditional football. This encourages players to have to pass and dribble past players as long ball is not a opition. Small sided football encourages more opportunities to pass and beat players as less players and less space so more practise time for players who play the game.

Constant Contact with a ball
Brazilian Coaching methods encourage constant contact with a ball and this is something Soccerstarts/ Brazilian Futebol Academy encourage within all sessions. Queues and lots of group exercises reduce your childs contact time with a ball so these are kept to a minimum throughout session plans and live sessions.

Bryan will be continuing his coach education ongoing and will use any drills and ideas that match a Brazilian style concept even if not from his Brazilian Soccer School Coach education as there is SFA, Coerver and other organisations drills that match the above descriptions even if some of them do not. This will help the further development of Soccerstarts/ Brazilian Futebol Academy session plans ongoing.

Children are natuarally competitive and Soccerstarts/ Brazilian Futebol Academy will aim to create a high tempo competitive atmosphere which is healthly within classes. Competition is a good thing if managed correctly but not to the cost of skills development. Skills development Is always the most important factor to any session Soccerstarts/ Brazilian Futebol Academy lay on but a fun competitive environment is also encouraged within classes.