Fun Futsal

New Class 9- 12 years

3-4pm Starting September (go on waiting list or book now)

@ Edinburgh College, Sighthill Campus, Edinburgh

Futsal is a indoor hall based version of 5 a side football that has been played in Brazil and other South American countries have since the 1930s. In modern times the top 3 Futsal nations are Brazil,Spain and Portugal.

As you can see these countries have strong football reputations.  Futsal is a large part in their football development structures from childhood to adulthood as well as it being a unique sport in its own right.

Soccerstarts Head Coach and Owner Bryan Robertson has experience in Futsal due to his time working with Brazilian Soccer Schools which is based around the game of Futsal from 2004-2012.

Brazilian Soccer Schools founder was Simon Clifford (who Bryan recieved in-depth coach education from as well as ex Brazil International Careca ). Simon went on intensive trips to Brazilian and completed coach education and research to then bring back to the UK to then be able to spread the word on the benefits of Futsal and allow children across the UK to benefit from this great game.

Bryan in addition to his coach education with Brazilian Soccer Schools completed study/ self development on Futsal/ Futsal Coaching and also attended SFA coach education in the area of Futsal specially during the years 2016-2018 as well as loads of football coach SFA education from 1996 to present day.

Bryan also has went through Coach Education/ youth coaching diplomas Coerver Coaching. Coerver is a world wide football coaching organisation which has been coaching youth footballs of all ages for over 35 years and is a specialist in training that improves dribbling, running with the ball, ball mastery and moves to beat players. Coach Education with Brazilian Soccer Schools as well as being based around Futsal also had a similar focus on individual skill and ability and tranferance of this into a team game.

Fun Futsal sessions will be based on the game of Futsal and playing 5 a side Futsal and small sided and adapted versions of Futsal to develop skill and game awareness to develop confident Futsal and Football players.

As well as having a big focus on Futsal as a game, Small sided versions of Futsal and Conditioned and adapted versions of Futsal to suit the age group. The sessions will also work on mastering the ball as having strong foot skills and having the vision and game awareness to decide when to dribble, when to run with the ball, when to shoot, when to pass and where to move on and off the ball, when and how to attack and when and how to defend is a vital part of the game which also transfers to Football.

In Futsal its vital all sessions are indoor on a hard surface as this is part of the game as well as using a specific ball. It’s vital when playing and practising Futsal we use a Futsal ball/s which is based on the groups abilities and age of the for training activites and small sided games as well as full scale 5 a side Futsal matches.