1 to 1 coaching

1 to 1 Coaching is a great way for your child to get an great one to one learning experience.

Sessions will be designed to improve your child whether they are a beginner or an advanced player and the longer one to one sessions are used as part of your child’s training programme as a budding footballer the more improvement you will see as ball mastery, confidence and abilities to beat a player along with other football related skills should all develop by having this personalised coaching along with constant individual practise by the player themselves round the skills they are learning in the 1 to 1 training, team training and game time which all support your childs learning of the world’s number 1 sport.

Bryan Robertson will provide all 1 to 1 coaching sessions which are really well suited to his experience and coach education gained with Brazilian Soccer Schools and Socatots.

1 to 1 sessions are best suited for football players from 7 years old and above. Bryan will also coach teenage and adult players on a 1 to 1 basis to help them improve as footballers.

2 to 1 coaching is also a great way to learn new skills and work alongside a friend.

Bryan would also do small group training for your child and some friends which also helps reduce costs for you as parent and still provides a lot more coach contact time than a standard football coaching session.

Ball Mastery, Other foot work, Speed, Moves to beat players are just some of the subjects to name a few which Bryan will work on this your child or small group.

Sessions will be 1 hour in length.

1 to 1, 2 to 1 or small group coaching can be provided at a football suitable grass area or free access facility near you.

In conjunction with World of Football Corn Exchange or Marine Drive in Edinburgh I can also provide these type of sessions on a Saturday afternoon or midweek before 530pm (there will be an additional cost for venue but World of Football are providing a great deal to enable me to provide these type of coaching sessions in their fantastic settings)

To learn more about 1 to 1, 2 to 1 coaching or small group coaching please email [email protected].